Since 1994, the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative has been dedicated to supporting its members in enhancing their market share, improving services, and addressing the operational, commercial, technical, and economic challenges faced by postal services across the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the key objectives of the Cooperative is to drive quality and efficiency in postal organisations. This is achieved by focusing on improving the timely delivery of mail, enhancing scanning performance, and reducing the number of unmeasurable deliveries.

To ensure that these goals are met, the Cooperative continuously monitor key metrics and member targets through monthly reports generated from various sources. There is a significant opportunity to derive valuable insights from this data, which can be used to improve the overall consumer experience, drive organisational efficiencies, and identify new opportunities in the market.

Quality Review Board

The Quality Review Board(QRB) serves as a collaborative forum for members of the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative's ePacket product to review and analyse quality and performance data. By regularly identifying areas for improvement, developing effective solutions, and providing recommendations to the Cooperative's quality team, the board plays a critical role in maintaining the product's highest standards of quality and performance.

Performance Reporting

The Asia Pacific Post Cooperative's team analyses the raw data supplied by Posts and other sources, and compiles a comprehensive performance report that includes a range of metrics from the previous month. These reports are specific to each Post and are utilised by various internal departments, including at board level, to identify areas of improvement.

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