The Asia Pacific Post Cooperative's ePacket (APP ePacket) is a crucial service that facilitates the efficient and cost-effective delivery of tracked packages across the region. As a cooperative, we are dedicated to working closely with our member Posts to enhance their postal performance.

Our commitment to supporting our members' success is reflected in our regular monthly, quarterly, and annual performance reports. These reports provide detailed insights into areas where performance can be improved, along with advice and recommendations for achieving better outcomes.

Performance Reports

The performance reports are the results of the analysis of raw data by the Asia Pacific Post team, which is compiled from a number of sources to give the APP an insight into performance within the country and across regions. The data is downloaded into a comprehensive report that is widely shared across a number of internal teams, including International Relations, Operations and the Board.

Access your organisations Performance Reports here

Quality Review Board (QRB)

Performance reports play are crucial role in the Quarterly Review Board meetings, which is held every quarter. The metrics we measure in these reports are carefully selected to provide valuable insights into Post's day to day activity, allowing them, the QRB and the Cooperative to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve performance.

More information on the QRB can be found here